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    Z.P-U-H. Krzysztopol was established by Janusz Krzysztofek with his wife Helena Krzysztofek in 1993. Currently their son, Daniel Krzysztofek, is owner of the company and continues the business with the new trademark – Fabryka Okien Krzysztopol.We produce and sell PVC windows and doors. We chose companies REHAU and GEALAN as suppliers of doors and windows profiles. The established market position of these companies and many years of experience combined with the implemented research and development policy is a guarantee of the highest quality. Thanks the well-matched quality of components we can offer our customers premium products.

    Our business activity also includes distribution of doors, windows and other finishing elements of branded producers (garage doors – BIG TOR, external roller blinds – PORTOS and internal roller-blinds – FABLUX, IMPEROLL ).

    Purchase of a modern production line for PVC doors and windows and glazed units allowed us to reduce costs, speed up production process and improve the quality of our products.

    We manufacture mosquito nets and act as a wholesaler of windowsills.

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